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A Christian Children's Charity Fund

"All Children deserve a healthy and purposeful life!"

CALL:  972 . 670 . 3283


Making a Positive Difference one home at a time! FREEQUOTE@ALLAMERICANFENCES.COM


Get Engineered Fences and 

Retaining Walls at Value Prices!

We do fence repairs and re-staining!




All-American Tree Trimming
We do tree planting, trimming and pruning!


Trimmed trees along golf course! 

An untrimmed tree is a canvas waiting for the master-craftsman's touch to trim it into a living beauty! Tree trimming is an art as well as a science.


"I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree." wrote Robert Browning. 


If you have a tree that is more like a soap opera with too much drama, and want it to be turned into a beautiful poem, call us for a free estimate!



Before and After trimming!

Properly trimmed trees are among the most healthy trees we have in our neighborhoods.  When storms come, these trees do not have the burden of supporting overweight branches or having thick clumps of branches where insects can breed and do further damage.  

Trees that do not get proper watering or that are smothered under a large amount of added soil have dead branches at the upper tips of the tree and struggle to stay alive.  These trees are the most susceptible to being blown over in a storm.  




It is important to keep a tree free from any suckers that spring out of the trunk and along branches in unwanted locations. These suck strength out of the tree and make it grow lanky and weak.


Trees should be most efficiently trimmed in the dormant winter months prior to new growth and after they have lost their summer leaves.  


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