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For a diagram of the anatomy of a fence so you can see how it is constructed, 


A privacy fence can transform your yard or pool area into a secluded retreat. Privacy fences are constructed with little or no gap between boards to reduce visibility into and out of an area. They are commonly used on property lines and around swimming pools but may also serve to conceal unsightly areas or views.

Privacy fences provide better noise reduction and protection against wind than most other styles of fence. Privacy fences are generally 6'-8' tall.

Fence anatomy:  All-American Fences uses only choice western red cedar (WRC) in its privacy fences, unless the customer requests a different type of wood.  Western red cedar is the best form of wood for exterior fencing because of its magnificent color, weather resistance, water resistance, medium weight, and natural insect deterrence. To help keep termites and ants from even trying to burrow into the fence, we use pressure treated pine (PTP) as a base kick-plate and for any retaining wall support. Galvanized steel posts make up the main support as they are set in one cubic foot of concrete. The rails are attached to the posts with Strong-tie pipe grips which are also galvanized to keep moisture from causing rust. Ring-shanked nails or coated screws are then placed to hold the cedar pickets to the rails.  Since we have never seen a fence that failed because ring-shanked nails came out, we do not recommend nor do we believe it is necessary to use screws, which require about four times the labor time of nails.

Extras:  At the top of the fence a horizontal plate of cedar is added to enhance visual appearance. This can be a single board or side-boards with a 2x6-8' or 2x8-12' cap laying flatly on the top of the fence to cover the ends of the pickets as well as the top of the posts. With or without the top cap on the fence, each post has a galvanized domed post cap attached to keep rain from rusting the posts from the inside out. Customers may even desire to attach a chair rail across the mid section of the fence if  is close to a patio here chairs may scrape the fence. Also, we recommend a weather-poofing finish be sprayed or rolled to further preserve the wood. We have had the best success with Behr weatherseal.

The most popular form of privacy fencing is the Board On Board ("BOB") style in both a 6 foot and 8 foot height.


This fence is built on a stone retaining wall, but more typically, a pressure treated pine bottom plate is used along with metal posts (as is seen in the picture on the right) rather than 4" x 4" cedar posts.

These fences show a 6" wide picket on a 2x4" rail, attached to a 4x4" wood post or a 2 3/8" galvanized metal post..

Side By Side ("SBS") pickets are abutted against each other with no overlapping boards.  This is a less expensive way to build a fence, but as the boards dry out thoroughly, depending upon weather conditions, the boards will shrink slightly, leaving gaps between the boards that lessen the fences effectiveness in providing privacy.


The SBS fence is usually used where either bushes cover one side or where minimal privacy is required as in the following picture.



These fences are 8 foot tall using 4" wide pickets. Notice the top on the left is trimmed flat, while the lower has "dog ear" on top.

Shadowbox fences present the same attractive appearance to both you and your neighbor - they're often called "good neighbor" fences. Shadowbox fences have boards attached to either side of the rail in an alternating pattern to create an identical look on both sides of the fence. They provide the same level of screening as a privacy fence when viewed straight on but allow some visibility through them at other angles. They provide greater air circulation than true privacy fences. A Shadowbox fence usually has a dog ear top as in the following pictures:


This is a step-down fence.

















Many additional styles are available to suit your taste or Homeowner Association Requirements; with many types of trim, cuts and shapes on top!


Traditional picket fences add classic style and charm to any yard or landscape. They are ideal for defining boundaries and for keeping small children or pets in an enclosed area. Gaps between pickets prevent the fence from completely blocking the surrounding view. Picket fences are generally shorter than other types of fences, often measuring less than 4' tall. For an elegant variation, consider a picket fence with arched or scalloped sections.





Post and rail fences offer the traditional "countryside" look typically found in the thoroughbred horse pastures of Tennessee or Kentucky. Post and rail fences are constructed with square posts connected by two to four rails. They provide rustic beauty without blocking views.


Redwood, Vinyl, Pressure Treated Pine and other types of wood are also available.



note the chair rail!

And of course, a great gate makes a fantastic first impression!


ALL-AMERICAN has been serving the Plano, Dallas, Carrollton, Richardson and Frisco areas of Collin County for 23 years!

All our work is licensed, bonded, insured and guaranteed as may be required by city codes.

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